6 Powerful Tips To Boost Your TikTok Followers And Fans

TikTok is one of the famous lip-syncing video-sharing platforms with 100 million monthly users every month. It is very popular among Gen z and teenagers, and many people above 30 are using TikTok to show their talents. It is the only platform that offers many opportunities for brands to enhance their business on TikTok. 

Without growing your followers on TikTok, you are not able to get success for your business. Here are magical ways you can use it to attract more audiences to your TikTok account. 

1. Post Original Content

In TikTok, if you are posting the same types of content as everyone else, you will not get many followers to your account. You need to find a unique idea to get more followers to your account. Also, you can buy followers for TikTok to increase your followers count on your account. In any social media platform, people like to follow accounts that post trending and unique videos. Analyze the platform and create popular videos to engage your audience. 

2. Upload Videos Everyday

If you don’t post videos regularly, how people will find your TikTok videos? So post videos consistently to attract more audience to your profile. Posting videos daily will make your followers connect with your TikTok account, and it helps you to find more audience to your account. When you get new followers to your account, they will expect you to post frequently. So if you haven’t posted regularly, it makes them unfollow your TikTok account. Uploading videos every day will make your followers interact with your brands. 

3. Use Trending Songs

TikTok is a popular video platform with trending music, and it is another essential way to gain more fans and followers to your account. Scroll the ForYou page and see which song is trending currently. Use the popular songs in your videos to attract more followers. Many people like to see trending content on social media platforms. So it is the perfect way to attract those people to your TikTok account. While creating videos with popular songs, you can quickly expand your brand reach. 

4. Make Duet Videos

Making duet videos is an effective way to gain more audience to your TikTok profile. Duet video is a very popular content idea in Tiktok, even though many TikTokers make duet videos popular on the platform. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to expand your account reach among the huge followers on TikTok. So if you are trying to be popular on TikTok, make a duet with trending accounts on TikTok. If you have 100 followers in your account, you can collaborate with an account having the same number of followers in their account. This collaboration helps each other to gain more followers to their accounts. 

5. Use The Trending Hashtag

Just like Instagram and Twitter, you can use hashtags in your TikTok video. As we discussed in the above content, creating original content will help you to get more followers. Similarly, create unique content with some trending hashtag in it to boost many audiences to your profile. Making quality videos with popular hashtags makes your video viral on Tiktok. 

6. Share TikTok Videos On Other Social Media 

If you really want to get more followers to your TikTok account, share your video on various platforms. Since it is a 15-second short video, you can post it on any social media platform. You can post your TikTok videos in Instagram stories to drive more traffic to your TikTok account. If you get more traffic, you can easily expand your account to a wider audience. Additionally, you will get more fans and followers to your TikTok account. 

5 Simple Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Use

Instagram is the top social media platform that allows everyone to share photos, videos, add captions, and more. It’s the same for individual and business accounts, but it’s a small variation in public and private mode. 

Engaging your audience is the ultimate way for all marketers. Brands need to have a content marketing strategy particularly suited to Instagram. If they will get notified, grasped, and finally develop revenue from their Instagram presence. 

Let’s start now!

1. User-Generated Content

Creating social proof is the strongest deal for many brands nowadays. Sharing UGC(User Generated Content) is amazing proof to the audience able to trust your brand. The unbelievable myth is customers should trust other customers more than their favorite brands by which they haven’t any previous experience. 

So you can share the post on your stories/feeds when the audience used your product or services. After posting these photos/videos, the other audience should generate trust from your target audience. In as same as, you can create a video by using UGC content and upload them into your reel page. Presenting your videos on the reels page helps to get more views and likes. Otherwise, do you need instant likes, you can buy Instagram reels likes for your reels videos. 

2. Storytelling Option

A single picture/video will easily explain your content what you do it. You can personalize your brand by highlighting your team, share the story of your beginning stage of the company, your product production method, or your dedication to social good as part of your content marketing strategy.

Here is one example: Toms Shoes is a for-profit brand with a broader mission. After selling every pair of shoes, it donates the amount to needy children overall the world. After long years, it has developed into other social goals such as clean water, prenatal care, and eye care for those needy.

3. Schedule Post Timings:

If you are managing a business, how much time have you spent publishing those posts? It takes a long time enough just to produce them! Ensure to combine scheduling within your content marketing strategy on Instagram. 

The best time to post your content is 10 AM to 3 PM CDP, according to the research. The level of action can change dramatically based on what day of the week you post. The best days to post on Instagram are Wednesday (particularly 11 AM) and Friday (10 AM to 11 AM).

4. Create IGTV Series Content

IGTV is the next version of Instagram feeds, which allows sharing the series content. Many Instagrammers have started to use IGTV content and produce their videos among the Instagram global community. A normal person can upload 10-minute videos, and verified users can upload up to 60 minutes long content on your IGTV page. 

Using IGTV content will help to realize what’s your content is and how it’s helpful. Hereby, your brand will reach out to many audiences and get more engagement. When you buy IGTV likes for your content, it automatically increases your content likes and views. Also, there is a high-level chance to get more followers to your Instagram account. 

5. Analyze Your Instagram Insights

You shouldn’t know the type of content marketing strategies are working, which types of content will be viral, and unless you can track views, shares, and growth! Instagram has free analytics tools with great instructions about how to use them. Some of the critical data to collect and analyze include:

  • Profile Analytics – A unique accounts have many views on your posts, website, call, email clicks, etc. 
  • Insights your audience – by age, location, gender, days, and times
  • Instagram Impressions and reach of your photos, videos, and stories