7 Creative And Engaging Instagram Theme Ideas

You can develop consistency on your Instagram feed by structuring your posts. Your content should be themed and added to your monthly content calendar. In order to increase engagement on Instagram, try the following themes:


Is there anyone who does not enjoy a good quotation? Who does not appreciate a good quote? Therefore, they have a genuine chance of becoming viral – meaning they give your brand greater exposure. Make your own quote rather than merely reposting a quote from another site and including credit to the source – if your followers begin to share it with their friends, that is highly beneficial for the brand awareness of your business! Don’t forget to keep your brand and your brand values in mind when choosing quotes for your website.

Curated content

Some Instagram accounts may be relevant to your business, as some of us have favorite accounts. Instagram has an abundance of great content that can be used to engage and grow an audience – whilst giving credit to the original creator of the content. Sharing content on your page will be appreciated by most Instagrammers, as it exposes them to a new audience. Curating content on social media can also serve as a way to attract the attention of target accounts. A designer interested in building a strong relationship with a supplier may repost their content as a means to demonstrate their support.


From a marketing perspective, it is well known that one of the best ways to promote a product is through testimonials from former customers. Providing testimonials on your social media page will likely allow people to connect with their stories – and perceive your business as one that is capable of delivering value and real results.


Take a selfie or two per month to illustrate the human aspect of your company. Building trust and breaking down barriers will be easier when you are able to relate to others. It is important to avoid oversharing, as this can negatively affect your engagement rate as well as lose followers – so keep it interesting, and of course PG!

Team photos

Business owners tend to focus so much on the technical aspects of their trade that they create an image of themselves that is faceless. When operating a business, it is reassuring to know that real people are doing the work – but too often it seems that robots are doing it! The sharing of content relating to your team is a great way of personifying your brand and overcoming the mechanical nature of business, which is an essential step in building trust between potential customers.

Know-how posts

Share your knowledge with your Instagram following – GENEROUSLY – in order to establish yourself as an expert in the field you are in. You may find that providing your customers with market statistics is an effective means of instilling confidence in them or even helping them make an informed buying decision. Utilize statistics that are specific to your marketplace or that are difficult to obtain. After analysing the statistics, you could decide to buy automatic real Instagram likes to drive quicker engagement. On Instagram, followers follow accounts they believe will benefit them, such as knowledge, esteem, inspiration, and so on. Consider providing your audience with valuable information that will be of value to them. This information may be inspirational, entertaining, or educational.


Today, a growing number of consumers seek instant gratification. Videos have become increasingly popular on social media – and for good reason. Providing your customers with information and entertainment is a simple and convenient process.

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