How Brands Are Winning At Marketing On TikTok?

Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to discount TikTok because of the platform’s rising prominence. TikTok has become a powerful tool for brands to connect with a younger demographic, raise their profile, and even go viral because to the platform’s emphasis on short-form video.
TikTok’s amazing engagement rate, which now surpasses that of any other social media network by a wide margin, certainly doesn’t hurt, either.
In this piece, we’ll go over the benefits of using TikTok for marketing in 2022, as well as how to create a scalable, entertaining, and original plan of attack for a smaller business. We’ll also talk about four popular firms that have gained a large following on TikTok.

TikTok advertising: what’s the deal?

The popularity and video-centric nature of TikTok’s content creates a number of interesting advertising possibilities, despite the app’s reputation for odd posts.

TikTok can be used by marketers in three primary ways

1: Marketing using Influencers

Connecting with people that have a lot of followers on TikTok is a smart move. As they are well-versed in the medium, influencers can turn boring brand messaging into entertaining and engaging videos. If you want to reach more people with your content and raise brand awareness, this is the form of promotion you should be focusing on.

2. Unique Material

TikTok users appreciate fresh ideas, but you don’t have to tinker around for hours to create the next big thing. Most popular TikToks are just like the ones that are now trending. Find out what’s popular in the app and where your business fits in before diving in.

3. Sponsored advertisements

The use of advertisements on TikTok is a new feature. In-feed adverts, branded hashtags, and branded video effects can all be made possible using TikTok For Business, the company’s proprietary advertising platform.

Despite the fact that many of the first brands to join TikTok were major, well-known corporations, it can be useful for small businesses to examine the reasons why brands of all kinds are joining the platform.

To What Extent Should Companies Use TikTok for Advertising in 2023?

TikTok is the undisputed champion of short-form video in today’s social media world. The majority of marketers who use TikTok (52%) intend to increase their investment in 2023, the greatest growth of any platform.

TikTok’s meteoric year-over-year growth contrasts with the more established social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It has already surpassed three billion downloads, making it the most popular app of 2019 and 2020. In addition, it has 1.2 billion monthly users, a number that is expected to grow to 1.5 billion by the year 2023, according to industry analysts.

TikTok also has the longest average user session length of any social media app, at 10.85 minutes. Its infectious quality also merits recognition. A superb video posted on YouTube, unlike on other social media sites, can receive millions of views simply by being shared by accounts with a few hundred followers.
But, given that the whole essence of the TikTok platform is eccentric, businesses will need to get resourceful in order to attract users

4 Brands who have mastered the art of TikTok marketing

The National Basketball Association

The NBA’s TikTok account displays a more lighthearted side of the league than its Instagram feed, which features only photos and videos of basketball action. Videos of players exercising to music, dancing during games, and even addressing fan inquiries are common features.

The things that we appreciate:
Explainer films are adaptable to many different types of businesses. The staff of a clothes boutique, for instance, might demonstrate several ways to wear various items. Using the store’s wares, a hardware store might demonstrate how to put together, fix up, or repaint an item. A gym can provide a demonstration of the many pieces of equipment available.

To get started, consider all the possible applications for your offerings. TikTok video tutorials can be very effective if the procedures involved can be completed in under one minute.

Fenty Beauty

Tutorials are a common sight on the social media platform TikTok. Fenty Beauty is a perfect example of a firm that takes advantage of this, since they often post cosmetic lessons, wear tests, and new debuts on the popular video sharing app TikTok.
The things that we appreciate:

TikTok influencer marketing is demonstrated here. Dunkin’ is able to increase its social proof and get traction in the marketplace by forming partnerships with influential people.


Donuts was an early adopter of influencer marketing on TikTok by teaming up with the app’s biggest celebrity, Charli DAmelio.

They worked together to promote new items on the Dunkin’ menu and produce a number of videos.
Dunkin’s app downloads increased by 57%, and sales of all cold brew coffees increased by 20%, after the company shared news of the relationship on its social media channels.

But if you assume you need to team up with a well-known TikToker, you’d better rethink that assumption.

In the world of influencer marketing, quality over quantity reigns supreme. Instead of forming an alliance with an influencer based on fictitious numbers, focus on actual engagement.
Adding a human touch to your brand’s presentation can do wonders on TikTok.

What we enjoy is that the NBA uses the app to make its branding more approachable and its athletes seem more human when compared to other professional sports. Even though the films are promoting basketball, they may easily be viewed with other comedic content on TikTok.

Milk Bar

As Milk Bar well knows, music is essential to the success of a TikTok video. The bakery chain brilliantly exploits trending TikTok memes, video formats, and music.
The things that we appreciate:

Consumers appreciate when their favourite brands either start new trends or put a twist on ones that have already been popular. Brands can easily jump on hot themes, challenges, and memes when they take the effort to learn TikTok.