Using TikTok Ads To Promote Your Brand: Step By Step Guide

TikTok is one of the hottest social apps in the world. Within a very short period, it was the fourth most downloaded app in the world. 

It is more popular to create short lip-syncing and dancing videos. TikTok was launched in the year 2018; according to the research of 2019, there are more than 500 million active users and 1.5 billion downloads every month. 

Also, it is available in 75 languages with 150+ markets. Under this updated world, everything is growing into networking and social apps. 

In 2021, social media will be empowered in the world of digital marketing. TikTok is the most popular digital marketing platform for every individual and business owners to promote their brand. 

Now, we will discuss the amazing platform TikTok and its advertising feature. 

TikTok With Advertisement

Recently, TikTok launched a great feature advertisement. There are four types of ads on TikTok. They are:

  1. Brand Takeover Ads
  2. In-Feed Native Ads
  3. Hashtag Challenges
  4. Branded Lenses

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand Takeover Ads are more expensive on this platform because TikTok will show only one Brand Takeover Ad per day. It is a full-screen ad that appears when a user enters the app. It allows Video, GIF, and image-type ads that attract your fans and followers to your page. These types of ads include a brand’s profile page or a specific hashtag challenge. 

In-Feed Native Video Ads

These types of video ads are displayed either at the bottom of TikTok videos or in the part of the video queue, depending on the type of products. These ads allow lots of CTAs like app website clicks, app downloads, and so on. This ad allows 15-second videos that appear on the user screen. 

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are more and more popular on this platform. It encourages user-generated content, builds brand awareness, and expresses users’ creative and engaging format. Also, it can find influencers that help you generate your brand in the middle of their fans and followers. 

Branded Lenses

It is similar to Snapchat filters and lenses. If you can create videos from this platform, you can use various filters and effects to make it more beautiful. It funnily encourages users and brands. Branded lenses allow 2D, 3D, and AR features to enhance your content. 

How To Make A Killer TikTok Ads

TikTok advertising is similar to other social media advertising. There are several ways to make killer TikTok ads and get more engagement quickly. Sometimes take the time to make effective ads to spread your brand all over the world. If you buy TikTok views for your profile page, it helps create a positive impression when someone enters your page. It helps to accelerate popularity, especially for beginners. Here are some ideas to make your TikTok Ads. 

Always Follow Trending 

Following trending is one of the powerful ways to gain more and more followers on your page. Trending contents go more viral on TikTok. When you find certain content or sounds going to trend, be sure to create your ads with that audio or content to boost your brand. 

Make Funny Contents

Funny contents help you to build brand awareness and reach and retain followers on your page. Because TikTok is a completely funny and viral platform to encourage the audience. 

6 Powerful Tips To Boost Your TikTok Followers And Fans

TikTok is one of the famous lip-syncing video-sharing platforms with 100 million monthly users every month. It is very popular among Gen z and teenagers, and many people above 30 are using TikTok to show their talents. It is the only platform that offers many opportunities for brands to enhance their business on TikTok. 

Without growing your followers on TikTok, you are not able to get success for your business. Here are magical ways you can use it to attract more audiences to your TikTok account. 

1. Post Original Content

In TikTok, if you are posting the same types of content as everyone else, you will not get many followers to your account. You need to find a unique idea to get more followers to your account. Also, you can buy followers for TikTok to increase your followers count on your account. In any social media platform, people like to follow accounts that post trending and unique videos. Analyze the platform and create popular videos to engage your audience. 

2. Upload Videos Everyday

If you don’t post videos regularly, how people will find your TikTok videos? So post videos consistently to attract more audience to your profile. Posting videos daily will make your followers connect with your TikTok account, and it helps you to find more audience to your account. When you get new followers to your account, they will expect you to post frequently. So if you haven’t posted regularly, it makes them unfollow your TikTok account. Uploading videos every day will make your followers interact with your brands. 

3. Use Trending Songs

TikTok is a popular video platform with trending music, and it is another essential way to gain more fans and followers to your account. Scroll the ForYou page and see which song is trending currently. Use the popular songs in your videos to attract more followers. Many people like to see trending content on social media platforms. So it is the perfect way to attract those people to your TikTok account. While creating videos with popular songs, you can quickly expand your brand reach. 

4. Make Duet Videos

Making duet videos is an effective way to gain more audience to your TikTok profile. Duet video is a very popular content idea in Tiktok, even though many TikTokers make duet videos popular on the platform. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to expand your account reach among the huge followers on TikTok. So if you are trying to be popular on TikTok, make a duet with trending accounts on TikTok. If you have 100 followers in your account, you can collaborate with an account having the same number of followers in their account. This collaboration helps each other to gain more followers to their accounts. 

5. Use The Trending Hashtag

Just like Instagram and Twitter, you can use hashtags in your TikTok video. As we discussed in the above content, creating original content will help you to get more followers. Similarly, create unique content with some trending hashtag in it to boost many audiences to your profile. Making quality videos with popular hashtags makes your video viral on Tiktok. 

6. Share TikTok Videos On Other Social Media 

If you really want to get more followers to your TikTok account, share your video on various platforms. Since it is a 15-second short video, you can post it on any social media platform. You can post your TikTok videos in Instagram stories to drive more traffic to your TikTok account. If you get more traffic, you can easily expand your account to a wider audience. Additionally, you will get more fans and followers to your TikTok account.