Get the most out of Instagram advertising in 2023.

Without a question, Instagram is one of today’s most popular social networking sites. Although being owned by Facebook, Instagram has a lot of promise for advertising and marketing purposes for companies.

There are more than a billion monthly active Instagram users, making it the second most popular social media site behind Facebook. As may be expected, the vast majority of users (about 71%) are under the age of 35.

Instagram commercials entail what?

Advertising on Instagram, in a nutshell, is the process through which brands pay to have their sponsored content shown in the feeds and stories of Instagram users.

Instagram ads are denoted as “Sponsored” and can have a clickable CTA that directs users to a specific landing page, website, or even another user’s profile.

This serves a variety of purposes:

Advertisements sponsored by influencers in an effort to attract new followers and boost profile activity (likes, views, etc.).
Ads that direct potential buyers to a company’s website or a specific product page.
Advertisements (often Instagram stories) by creative professionals letting the public know they are available for contract work and showcasing samples of their previous work on the platform.
To promote their content and attract possible new viewers and subscribers, content producers use advertisements.
But there are more, the point has been made. We’ve covered the importance of influencer marketing in greater depth in another piece.

What’s fascinating (and encouraging, especially for companies) is that 200 million people or more use Instagram and view at least one company profile every single day.

Over two-thirds of Instagram users report learning about new brands and items thanks to paid advertisements.

Don’t seem to be convincing enough? An astounding ninety percent of Instagram’s user base is devoted to a single business’s account.

That’s excellent news for a company like yours if its goals include expanding its customer base and revenue.

Advertising on Instagram: A Look at the Demographics

As we’ve already established, the sort of audience you’re trying to reach, the products or services you’re selling, and the content you’re prepared to generate all play major roles in determining whether or not Instagram advertising is a good fit for your business.

Ok, let me clarify.

As if it weren’t already clear, Instagram isn’t the best place to promote your brand’s wisdom-based offerings, and the same goes for the more seasoned members of your audience.

By looking at the demographics of Instagram users, we find that, statistically speaking,

  • More over half are young adults (18–29).
  • Just 22% are considered to be older than 50.
  • Only 11% are children or young adults.
  • Less than 4% are aged 65 and up.

Those statistics alone should give you a good idea of the type of people that use Instagram (hint: it’s largely young adults) and the material you should aim to produce in order to get a larger following and generate more interactions on the platform.

Content that is quick, vivid in colour, and tailored to a certain audience is more likely to be viewed. Your social media marketing plan should change and evolve as needed.

If your target audience is older than millennials, Instagram is certainly still useful to you. Instagram’s growing user base implies more potential customers for your company, as more people from various demographics join the platform.

Instagram’s current user base of teenagers will eventually mature into adulthood, but that won’t stop them from using the app. As a result, a larger proportion of adults will join Instagram.

Instructions for Creating Successful Instagram Advertising

Build your ads right on Instagram

Instagram’s UI has built-in tools for promoting your feed articles and story content.

But, this may only be done after upgrading to a commercial account (creator or business profile).

It is assumed that you want a personal profile for now. Go to Settings > Account > Switch to Business/Personal Account to make the change.

In some areas, you need to link your Facebook Page to your Instagram profile before you can start advertising on the platform itself.

With Facebook’s ad platform, you may make advertisements

Now that Facebook owns Instagram, integrating the two social media sites is simpler than ever.

You may have your advertising, made on your Facebook Page, show up on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time by linking your two accounts.

To promote on both platforms in this way will be a wise use of time and money.

Make Commercials Using Ads Manager

You may be familiar with Ads Manager if you’ve run any Facebook marketing campaigns before.

It’s a high-quality Facebook tool with several expert-level options for making advertisements.

Advertising made using Ads Manager put greater emphasis on research, narrower targeting, and clearer goals. There’s a lot of room for personalization in the advertising you create.
Decide on a goal for your marketing strategy and how you want to achieve it.

Ads Manager requires that your Instagram account be linked to a Facebook Page before you can begin creating advertisements.