Easily Increase Your Instagram Followers With These Tips

When we poll our audience on their social media objectives, we always hear the same thing:

The goal for this year is to increase one’s number of Instagram followers.

It’s evident that many of you wish to increase your Instagram following, whether your goal was 200, 2,000, or 200,000 followers.

Believe us, we don’t blame you. Extending our fan base is a priority of ours as well.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, and it has been shown to help businesses achieve their objectives.

Check out these two numbers:

Instagram’s engagement rate is ten times that of Facebook’s.
Sixty percent of Instagram users say they do so to learn more about a company, brand, or product.

These indicators show that users are actively participating in Instagram and are interested in establishing relationships with marketers through the app.

We can all agree now that Instagram is a fantastic resource with huge potential for your company.

But now comes the challenging part.

Instagram is incredibly competitive, and building an active fan base is far more difficult than most users assume. We’ll get to the smart and practical strategies to expand your Instagram following this year in a moment, but first there are a few caveats we feel are worth mentioning.

Trying to increase your Instagram following by paying for likes or using automated systems is a poor idea. The Instagram staff is perceptive and aware of these issues.

No longer may followers be artificially increased on Instagram. You have to put out effort. But, looking at pictures all day and making new friends through mutual feeds can’t be that horrible of a job, can it?

Is there a certain formula for increasing your Instagram followers? It is a pleasure to answer your question. Be prepared to jot down some notes, as these suggestions might prove to be the missing link in your quest for Instagram fame.

Have a plan for using hashtags

Using hashtags is a crucial component of Instagram. Using hashtags is a simple technique to get new followers. There is a limit of 30 hashtags per post, but it should not discourage you from using a high-quality hashtag.

Using Instagram’s search feature to zero down on relevant hashtags for your business is a breeze. To get started, just enter a relevant hashtag. The hashtag “#solopreneur” served as our starting point; we then perused similar tags in an effort to discover additional ones that would resonate with our clientele.

When conducting a hashtag search, Instagram will provide a list of similar hashtags; you can use these to further narrow down potential brand-appropriate hashtags. With them, you may construct hashtags to utilise in your posts, increasing the likelihood that related accounts will discover your content.
By inspecting the analytics of your posts, you may determine if you are making use of appropriate hashtags. Find out whether your hashtags are actually expanding your audience with these helpful information. Hashtags allow you to track the reach of your postings. This may be used to compare the effectiveness of different hashtags or different combinations of hashtags.
Obviously, you can’t just throw a bunch of hashtags into every update. For further participation, you should plan out your hashtag usage in advance.

The first step is to begin following related hashtags. Instagram now allows users to track certain hashtags. If you follow a hashtag, you’ll start seeing postings from new users in your feed.

Employ Instagram Stories

We don’t see Instagram Stories dying out any time soon. Nevertheless, is it possible to track new followers in Stories? Absolutely! In contrast to regular Instagram posts, which are subject to the feed algorithm, Instagram stories are time-based, thus there is a smaller chance that your tale will be overlooked by your audience.

Using hashtags or location stickers in your tales is a great method to gain exposure and new followers. This will ensure that your article is included in feeds dedicated to the relevant hashtags and locations. See how other people have used your preferred hashtags to see which ones are most often used, and then include those into your own story.

With the “Story Highlights” feature, you can also leverage stories to gain new followers. Instagram now allows users to highlight specific stories so that their followers may easily access such posts at their convenience.

Not every story needs to be included in a highlight reel; instead, focus on selecting the tales that most effectively communicate your brand’s values. Showcase the finest images of your products, or provide the most helpful tutorials and advice.

Regularly share posts of good quality

Even if it should go without saying, let’s make a note of it anyhow.

Here’s the deal: after following the aforementioned measures, visitors will be directed to your profile. Involving users in discussions and sharing content like hashtags and tales draws attention to your page. But, the content of your feed is what ultimately convinces people to hit the “Follow” button.

If you just publish sometimes, no amount of interaction will help you gain a larger Instagram following.

If you want to wow your followers with your feed, you need to spend some time selecting the greatest photographs. Keep in mind that you may use a combination of original artwork, images you discover on free stock picture websites like Unsplash (just be sure to give proper credit to the original artist! ), and images you capture yourself. Not sure how to make your feed flow together? Apply the same filter to every article. More than half of the most popular companies on Instagram utilise this simple technique to create the illusion of a well maintained feed.