Instagram Carousel Posts To Boost Engagement

Instagram reels are the most popular and competitive video format right now. They’re easy to get hooked on, and they may bring in a lot of new followers or likes. I think it’s great that you’ve been putting effort into making shorter videos.

But don’t risk everything on a single venture. You can develop a larger presence on Instagram and even increase interaction by mixing up the types of content you post.

You may accomplish this using carousel posts. Keep reading and I’ll fill you in on this very engaging type known as a carousel post, along with some tips and tricks for incorporating them into your social media marketing plan.

Instagram Carousel: what is it?

Instagram users may manually navigate a slideshow called a “Carousel,” which consists of several photographs, videos, or both, by swiping on the mobile app or clicking the arrow on the desktop website.

When compared to other post formats, Carousels have an increase in engagement of 1.65% to 5.13%, as reported by Social Insider.

Carousels are known to halt and captivate audiences. A user is more likely to scroll through a single picture post (and maybe click to expand and read the caption) than they are to click to enlarge and then swipe through a carousel.

Inspirational ideas for the Carousel

Instagram grid postings often capture a single fleeting moment, whereas Reels showcase more dynamic slices of life. Carousels are a great way to convey a story, draw attention to a call to action (CTA), or display many related pieces of content.

To avoid spamming your feed with identical updates, Carousels are best used when sharing a collection of related photographs and videos. However, Carousels may be used tactically and purposefully.

Learn the benefits of IG Carousels and see how some popular businesses are using them. Now that you’ve seen 9 different applications for Carousels, keep reading to learn how to make polished Instagram Carousel posts that will keep your feed interesting and varied.

Pedagogical Material

Since instructional information (lessons, how-tos, unboxing, product care, and hacks) is best presented in a sequential fashion, carousel articles are a natural fit.

Statistics and diagrams

Statistics are typically presented in groups, with the use of visual aids like charts, diagrams, and infographics. Viewers may linger over each statistic as long as they like and then swipe on when they’re ready to move on. Statistics may be reviewed and compared with a simple swipe backward.

Financial organisations, media outlets, politicians, doctors, academics, and non-profits (to name a few) might all stand to gain from this. Carousel postings may be used by any company that helps others on a yearly basis to showcase the number of lives they have improved through volunteer labour or monetary donations.

The Brand’s Story

When I have a strong opinion about a product, I enjoy learning more about the company’s history. Someone somebody tell me who began it. To what end did they set out? Where did they feel the market was deficient? All of these may be addressed in a single carousel post.

Your company’s narrative and goal statement should be included in the About Us part of your website, but you should also share it on your social media accounts.In the background
Demonstrate how your product is made from start to finish. Or, if you’re an artist, provide some insights into your working method. Pan’s Mushroom Jerky used an Instagram carousel post to reach out to their audience in search of new team members. Take note of how they transitioned from the initial graphic picture to the subsequent factory films.

Debuts of New Products

A carousel is an excellent way to display a variety of new products. With the help of many photographs and descriptive text, you can present your product from various sides and tell a story about its creation or its inspiration. UrbanEars, the brand I trust most when it comes to headphones, has debuted a new set of headphones made from recycled plastic bottles, and they showcased them in a Carousel.

Adaptive Material

It’s a simple method to get people interested. A trivia question or quiz can be introduced on the first slide of the carousel, and then shown on the succeeding slide. Then, think of a cunning method to have them include the solution with their user-generated content submission.

New York City rice pudding business Rice to Riches challenges its fans to answer a question each week by posting a selfie in the shop’s photo booth and tagging their friends with the correct answer.

Guidelines for Carousel Posts

Create a variety of posts by blending Reels, Stories, and Carousels. On social media, some users prefer “still content” than ever-changing video snippets. It allows the audience to take their time reading text, viewing images, and moving on to the next slide.

Use material that encourages audience participation, such a quiz, question, or selfie, to make the most of the carousel format’s greater engagement rates. Check out what other brands that are comparable to yours are doing to find inspiration.

Keep the typefaces and colours consistent with the brand. Having a constant brand voice and identity is essential to establishing credibility. Make sure each carousel post is leading to something useful for your audience, else it won’t be shared or bookmarked.

Did you know the UNUM app has a dedicated Carousel content planning section? It’s a great way to keep track of visual memories while blocking out the distractions of social media. Carousel articles may be scheduled days, weeks, or even months in advance, allowing you to plan your content strategy in great detail.