Reasons Why Your Instagram Following Is Declining (And How To Stop It)

It’s painful to see Instagram followers disappear for no apparent reason. You put in a full day of work producing top-notch content, researching and implementing effective hashtags, and interacting with your audience, only to find that you have fewer followers in the morning than you did the night before.

Excessive advertising

When it comes to social media, nothing beats a genuine conversation. The people who choose to follow influential figures want to feel a deep connection to them.

Focus on building trust, rather than pushing promotional content, if you want people to read your posts and participate in your conversations.

Put yourself first, please! You might consider unfollowing an Instagram influencer if all they do is promote one product over and over again and extol its virtues.

Yes, I most certainly would. If influencers are going to write about products, I’d rather read genuine, objective evaluations than the same old, same old.

Now the question is, what can be done to correct this?

There’s still room for a few Instagram promotions here and there. Perhaps you need to rethink your approach if the sole focus of all of your content is to advertise.

Instagram in particular as a social media platform facilitates two-way communication. This means you need to interact with your followers, give them useful feedback and suggestions, and pay attention to what they have to say.

Promotional content can never accomplish that.

Give your frank assessment of services and goods. You can even poll your listeners for feedback on the product in question.

Always include a disclaimer if you are getting paid to promote something. In this manner, you can earn your followers’ trust and develop meaningful bonds with them.

‍The people who watch your content are different now. The fact that you haven’t

When we follow an Instagram account, it’s usually because we’re looking forward to seeing their posts. However, we eventually grow tired of their repetitive photos and videos or discover other content creators who provide superior material.

Nothing about the quality of your work is at stake here. All that’s needed is a dose of creativity, new thinking, and variety.

‍How Can We Mend That, Then?

The first step in finding a solution to a problem is realising what it really is.

It’s impossible to get back on track without first experimenting with new forms of content, forming partnerships with other influencers, and providing a wider range of options.

Fortunately, you can find fantastic resources to assist you in accomplishing that.

‍Mysocial’s Matchmaking function makes it easy to meet, connect with, and work with other influential users.

The matching service is very much like Tinder, except that it’s restricted to influential people. In this community, you can meet and collaborate with people who share your passion for making content.

You can find out which Instagram celebrity is currently popular with a single swipe thanks to the Matchmaking function.

The relationships formed on this site are mutually beneficial. Think about how much simpler it would be to expand your group if you worked with people who shared your interests.

How Can We Mend That, Then?

The answer is simple: just post on a regular basis.

Daily content creation that is both high quality and consistent is challenging, as I am well aware. However, most platforms allow you to schedule updates in advance.

Schedule a day on your calendar specifically for content preparation and have it ready for at least the next five days. If you know you won’t feel like writing on Monday, you can get ahead of the game by preparing and scheduling content on the previous Saturday.

Effectively straightforward!

Feel free to post Instagram stories about your hectic schedule and the things you have to get done. Your profile will benefit greatly from sharing vlogs of this nature because they generate a lot of comments and likes.

‍Those hashtags are used way too frequently.

This may come as a surprise, but it could be a contributing factor to your dwindling fan base.

If Instagram finds that you repeatedly use the same hashtags, it may limit your account activity.

I don’t understand why. The overuse of the same hashtags can be interpreted as spam or an attempt to spam.

Instagram’s goal is to attract as many users as possible, so the company naturally limits abusive or inappropriate activity.

‍How Can We Mend That, Then?

Changing your hashtags on a regular basis is a no-brainer if you don’t want to incur penalties for excessive repetition.

With Instagram’s ever-increasing intelligence, it’s important to use hashtags that accurately describe the posts you’re making.

‍You’re losing ground in your Instagram subset.

In this age of social media, fashion is ever-evolving.

It’s possible that you’re sharing information that people were once enthusiastic about. However, the vast majority of those who were once avid readers of the subject have lost interest. This causes an enormous loss of content fans over time.

This is why even the most popular content creators see a decline in their audience.