7 Instagram Post Ideas To Engage Your Followers

Instagram’s effectiveness as a promotional tool goes without saying. Instagram’s user demographics make it appealing to businesses across industries, and the platform has experienced explosive growth over the past few of years.

Having an Instagram account is so commonplace now that over 100 million new posts are published every day.
This indicates that there is still a lot of potential to separate out from the crowd despite Instagram’s popularity for all businesses (even your rivals).
Viewer participation in videos is distinct from that in still images. Videos may not be as effective as images since, contrary to popular belief, they do not receive more likes than photos.

However, more people comment on them than on photos. Simply said, they inspire deeper, more individual interaction than static images.
One possible explanation is that people don’t enjoy videos because they don’t watch them all the way through, unlike photos, which often get liked immediately after being posted.

Those that stick around to the finish are more likely to comment, respond to a question, or tag their friends.

In light of this, Instagram videos are an excellent medium for establishing meaningful relationships with other users and growing a dedicated following on the platform.

Instagram’s Various Video Formats

With a well-planned Instagram video strategy, you may not only spread whatever message you choose, but also use your work in many contexts.

Videos from Instagram Feed

Obviously, you should take full advantage of the possibility of publishing your video straight to your stream. Your video should be at least 3 seconds long and no more than 1 minute.
This time frame is ideal for gauging the reception of different Instagram video concepts among your audience.

If you want to maximise the viewing area and keep people watching, the aspect ratio of the videos in your feed should be between 1:1 (the Instagram standard square) and 4:5 (the vertical).

Stories on Instagram

It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again: Instagram stories are highly addicting, and Instagram story videos have a really humanising, personality-driven aspect. You may have the same kind of conversation with your followers as if you were using FaceTime.

There aren’t any comparable social media sites.

Instagram allows for 15 seconds of video each story, and it works best when filmed vertically so that users don’t have to flip their phones.

Instagram TV combines the vertical storytelling style of Instagram with the breadth and depth of YouTube videos. As a result, you won’t have to abandon your existing viewership or build a new one just to upload lengthier films.
YouTube videos may be up to an hour long, whereas IGTV films can only be 15 seconds long (or up to 60 minutes long for bigger and verified users).

Keeping these three frameworks in mind, together with a well-stocked idea bank and the appropriate resources, can have you dominating Instagram video in no time.

Immediately applicable Instagram video concepts

You’ve finally come around; Instagram video is definitely worth your time. But how do you think of ideas for videos that people will enjoy watching, comment on, and subscribe to?

Here are six Instagram video topics that are guaranteed to spark new ideas for your next video. The best part about these concepts is that they can all be executed in the 60 seconds allotted by Instagram. You may either make one lengthy video for IGTV or split it up into multiple small films for stories.

Use teaser videos to advertise your content and specials

A teaser video’s purpose is to generate interest in your original content, a future live event, or a current promotion by giving viewers a taste of what they may expect to gain from watching the full film.

The following are all examples of possible forms for teaser videos:

Including on-screen text summarising key insights or features
Promote your material by showcasing the finished product, or the result of the process you describe.
Making a public service announcement in front of the camera

Use time-lapse movies to give your visitors a sneak peek at the action

Taking your audience behind the scenes is a great approach to establish credibility, present a less perfect (and more human) aspect of your company, and foster consumer loyalty.

It’s reasonable that many companies are still reluctant to reveal too much of their inner workings for fear of having their ideas stolen if they do.

Stop-motion videos: demonstrate a procedure or narrate an event

That’s why the value of a stop-motion film is so much higher.

A stop-motion animation is a video that is composed entirely of still pictures that, when pieced together, present a story or walk the spectator through a very straightforward procedure.

Stop-motion video allows you to take a mundane occurrence and turn it into something entertaining, keeping the audience engaged all the way to the end to find out what happens. You can create a more engaging scene with this Instagram video concept than you could with a single still image or traditional video.

Feature your wares in explanatory videos

Are you reluctant to promote your wares for fear of being seen as pushy?

We support you fully and completely. However, studies show that up to 65% of the most successful Instagram posts include products, and this should also be the case with video.

Keep in mind that if you’ve gained a following on social media, it’s because people are interested in what you have to say. They recognise you as a company and look to you as an authority on the value of your products, so this isn’t restricted to only entertaining material.