Let SocialPilot Help You Map Out Your Social Media Strategy With Their New Social Media Calendar

Everyone here understands the significance of social media marketing for businesses. The big question is whether or not we have a plan in place. Do we just publish whatever comes to mind on our profiles and walls? Social media marketing, like any other type of advertising, requires careful strategy and planning. Our Social Media Scheduler is perfect for this purpose.

Check out all of your scheduled social media posts for the next few weeks or months with the aid of a social media calendar. Also, you can use it to plan ahead and write content for your articles so that you have something to offer at any time.

For what reasons should everyone use a social media calendar?

To begin, there are several uses for Social Media Calendar. All of these features are available in a single app, which is great news.
It’s a straightforward method of monitoring and controlling all of your social media posting and promotional efforts. All of this may be seen at once, streamlining the process. In a nutshell, the calendar displays an image of your past, current, and future social media postings in real time.

In addition to not having to return to list view in order to add posts to the queue, the new calendar lets you do so directly.

The calendar may be accessed directly from the dashboard by clicking the calendar link in the Posts menu. All of your social media posts (from Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn and Pinterest and Instagram) will be shown on a single calendar. Your posts are grouped by monthly, weekly, and daily views.

Calendar Display Formats:

Your social media schedule may be set up in a variety of ways, each catering to a unique set of requirements and preferences.

One of the best ways to get a feel for your calendar’s content is via a monthly view. It’s a handy tool for scoping out your schedule over the increase following several weeks. The ability to foresee upcoming occurrences that require your attention is also useful.

Week in Review:

You can see all the major tasks for the week ahead by viewing your calendar on a weekly basis. The most efficient use of a social media calendar is to have all of the scheduled posts for the week prepared in advance. Your micro-strategy for the week may be defined in the Weekly View of your Social Media Calendar.

During the Day:

All of your posts for a given day will be displayed in the Day view. This way, you can easily modify post times and see everything that is scheduled to go out on a given day. New daily updates can be made on the spot, too.

Set up filters on your calendar.
You may view your delivered posts, view posts from promote your brand view posts by month using the various filters. You may use filters to see only the planned or shared content for a specific account, group, or page.

Posts may be easily rescheduled when you’ve reviewed your archive and identified a particularly relevant piece. You may prearrange your posts with the help of SocialPilot’s calendar. Additionally, you may drag & drop to reschedule your postings. In addition, you may update many social media accounts at once and re-post successful posts.

Make brand-new updates on the social media schedule:

In conclusion, if there is an empty spot on your SocialPilot schedule in the future, you may quickly and easily generate a post from the calendar to fill it. You may update the calendar by clicking anywhere on it and typing. Like a conventional calendar, Social Media Calendar allows you to schedule posts in advance, postpone them, and move them about as needed. But now you have access to this knowledge in order to better manage the time of your social media postings.