2023 Ultimate Resource For Brands Using TikTok For Promotion

After only five years since its global launch in 2016, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media platform we’ve ever seen, with 1 billion users by September 2021. It took Facebook and Instagram a combined total of eight years to accomplish the same thing.

If you want to reach out to some of the one billion users on TikTok and get them interested in your brand, you need to have a strong presence there.

We’ll explain what TikTok marketing is, how to set up a TikTok business account, and give you six tips to help you use the platform to promote your brand.

Why do we need TikTok ads?

Marketing on TikTok entails distributing content created specifically for the app in order to raise awareness of your company and its wares. Create your own online visibility with relative ease by showcasing your business’s wares and services in exciting, bite-sized videos.

In contrast to social media marketing, which develops a unified strategy for all social media channels, TikTok marketing is laser-focused on the app itself.

Keep in mind that while you should make sure the overarching message of your TikTok channel is consistent with the rest of your brand’s social media channels, the content you publish on TikTok is likely to be quite different.

Setting up your TikTok for business account

To begin, you must be familiar with the distinction between a TikTok Creator Account and a TikTok Business Account.

Some key distinctions include:

  • Advertising and analytics are just two of the business tools available to premium accounts.
  • In the business world, access to audio clips is restricted.
  • With a business account, you can set up your own online shop.
  • Businesses can add a website link to their profile and use third-party tools to schedule and manage their TikTok content.
  • Business accounts on TikTok don’t have access to the full sound library, but the extra features more than make up for it.

Here are the simple steps you need to take to set up a TikTok account for your company:

  • Create an account on TikTok by downloading the app.
  • Click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your TikTok profile.
  • Third, select the Privacy and Security menu option.
  • Selecting the Account Management option.
  • Select the option to Change to a Business Account.
  • Select the Classification that Most Accurately Describes Your Business

And, ta da! Congratulations, you now have a business profile and can begin tailoring your account to attract your ideal customers.

Suggestions for Developing a Successful TikTok Marketing Campaign

Are you prepared to dive in and find out more about how to develop a successful TikTok marketing strategy and attract a sizable audience? Even though you probably won’t become “TikTok famous” overnight, following these six guidelines will put you in the best position to achieve your goals. In this video, we also provide a summary of the most important takeaways from our work with Tiktok as a marketing platform.

Start by making a TikTok account and giving it a unique identity.

We have just finished a detailed tutorial on how to set up a TikTok company account. After that, you need to brand it consistently with the rest of your social media accounts and optimise it to its full potential.

Create a unique identity for your TikTok channel by tapping Edit Profile and filling in the details below.

  • You can use either a still image or a video clip as your profile picture on TikTok. If you’d like to include a profile picture, make sure it’s a high-resolution version of your logo. Make an animated version of your logo to use in promotional videos.
  • Your company’s name.
  • Your username (if it is also your business name) should not contain any spaces.
  • If you’re a sole proprietor, it’s important to fill out the pronoun fields.
  • Your bio should be no more than 80 characters long and should provide a brief summary of what it is that you do.
  • Enter your company’s email address here.
  • Nonprofit: If your company has any involvement with or funding from a nonprofit organisation, you can list them as a partner in your profile.
  • It’s possible you did this when you first signed up for a business account, but if not, choose the category that most closely corresponds to your line of work.
  • Join the social web by linking your YouTube and/or Instagram profiles.

Alternately, you could have an automated response sent in response to direct messages. To do this, select Business suite from the hamburger menu, and then tap Auto message. Once you reach 1,000 followers, you’ll be able to promote your website through your profile.